Kyiv saxophone quartet Sax Kings visited Uzhgorod last Sunday. A year before four talented young men - Volodymyr Goisak (soprano), Mykhailo Zaikin (alto), Oleg Zaremskyy (tenor) and Uzhgorod citizen Alexander Bazel (baritone) joined to perform together. But they've managed to win appreciation of the audience already.

After all, every participant possesses rich experience of solo and collective performances both abroad and in Ukraine, having become the laureates of different national and international competitions.

The quartet's repertoire combines music of various genres as classical, jazz and popular. Thus the concert, performed by the collective on a stage of Zakarpattya regional philharmonic, was called "From classics to jazz". To the accompaniment of the saxophones Uzhgorod citizens had a great opportunity to travel diverse musical epochs and countries.

The performance opened with The Fairy Queen, one of the most prominent operas by an English composer of the II half of the XVII c. Henry Purcell. It was followed by the 1st part of the Brandenburg concert #3 by a German composer and organist Johann Sebastian Bach, the concert allegro by Jean-Baptiste Saint-Gelais, and a suite from Carmen by a French composer George Bizet. The first part of the concert ended with three compositions by a well-known Argentine tango composer of the II half of the XX c. Astor Piazzolla. He skillfully combined classical music and jazz in Bordel 1900, Milonga del Angel and celebrated Libertango.

The second part of the concert was dedicated to jazz. Thanks to it the forgotten art of improvisation has raised. Thus, three hits by George Gershwin, who turned jazz to a music king, and A Midnight Cocktail, composed by Glenn Miller, a chief of one of the best swing orchestras, and arranged by Yevgen Dergunov, are the bright approval to the renascence of the improvisation.

For their skillful and inspiring performance the musicians were twice called encore by the thankful audience. After the concert a queue filled the lobby to purchase the quartet's first album.

Oksana Chuzha for Zakarpattya online. jun/03/2010

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